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The Yolks on You is a 1980 Looney Tunes short directed by Gerry Chiniquy, Art Davis, Dave Detiege, and Tony Benedict. This short was originally part of Daffy Duck's Easter Egg-Citement, before later being reissued as a standalone short for TV.


Miss Prissy is late for Foghorn Leghorn's egg expectation. Foghorn is disappointed in Miss Prissy for being late and not laying a normal round white egg. Foghorn warns Prissy only one last chance that if she doesn't lay a normal egg, she will be sent to the old hens farm. He decides that Miss Prissy lays the turquoise Easter Eggs. He also defends her from other meaner farm animals. Prissy tries to lay a turquoise egg but she lays a golden egg. The golden egg rolls away from the farm. Daffy Duck and Sylvester find the golden egg. The two both try to get it for themselves. However, they accidentally send the egg to a fresh egg farm.