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The First Easter Rabbit is an April 9, 1976 Easter special produced by Rankin/Bass.


Stuffy is a plush rabbit, given as a Christmas present for a little girl named Glinda. But when she comes down sick with scarlet fever, her old toys are thrown away to be burned in order to disinfect the playroom. Stuffy is rescued by a sprite named Calliope, who brings him to life and sends him to Easter Valley up at the North Pole where he befriends Santa Claus and three other rabbits named Spats, Flops, and Whiskers to help him with the Easter traditions. However, an ice monster named Zero and his partner, Bruce the Snowball want to freeze the valley and make it like the rest of the Pole by stealing the Golden Easter Lily from the valley. In order to stop him, Stuffy must become the Easter Bunny, retrieve the Golden Lily, and save Easter.


  • There's That Rabbit
  • Easter Parade


  • Burl Ives - Narrator/Older Stuffy
  • Robert Morse - Young Stuffy
  • Paul Frees - Zero/Spats/Santa Claus
  • Stan Freberg - Flops
  • Don Messick - Whiskers/Bruce/Jonathan
  • Joan Gardner - Elizabeth/Calliope
  • Dina Lynn - Glinda
  • Chirstine Winter - Glinda's Singing Voice