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The Easter Chipmunk is the Easter episode of Alvin and the Chipmunks that debuted on USA Network on April 14, 1995.


The Chipmunks gift early Easter goodies to their Grandpa at the Happy Farm Resort before meeting Mr. Hoppity, the Easter Bunny. The elder chipmunk confesses he was the original Easter Chipmunk, though Alvin doesn't believe him, and turns down Theodore's goodies in order to get into shape to deliver baskets. In the Seville House, Alvin performs a song while dancing through the rooms as Simon paints eggs in an mechanized manner and Theodore dyes a single egg. After Alvin crashes into them, the red-clad chipmunk sets out to drop off his recording with Aunt Bunny; Alvin assumes his Grandpa was in fact telling the truth following their brief conversation. Simon's not convinced and the two visit the Institute to research the matter, which isn't conclusive. Aunt Bunny isn't home when the boys stop by again so they travel to Bunny Central. Having no concrete information, Alvin plans to make his case anyway on Insider's Edition, a TV show, while keeping it from Dave. In order to give Mr. Hoppity a chance to defend himself, the boys dress as chickens in an attempt to sneak into Bunny Central. They overhear Mr. Hoppity talking about money and Alvin angrily pursues a lawsuit while his brothers do more investigative work: Alvin interrogates witnesses, Theodore looks for Aunt Bunny, and Simon learns about Bunny Central's charity work. When Alvin's case falls apart he begins singing his original song only to be interrupted by a very angry Dave. Back at the resort, Grandpa informs them he only delivered four baskets, with Mr. Hoppity doing the rest, and in order to pay for the bunny's damages, Alvin hops along delivering baskets.


  • Ode to the Easter Bunny