Fifi is a character from the animated Nickelodeon series Rugrats. A purple and white poodle who is Spike's significant other and the pet of the Finster family. She and Spike have nine puppies in the episode Bow Wow Wedding Vows, but the two are named Spiffy and Pepper.


Fifi was originally a Parisian stray which Spike fell in love with in the second Rugrats movie and became his girlfriend and the Finster family dog. In the episode "Bow Wow Wedding Vows", Fifi marries Spike and she also gives birth to nine puppies. In the episode A Tale of Two Puppies, Spike and Fifi's puppies are now old enough to be adopted to a good and nice families. But the end, both their puppies Spiffy and Puppy go to nice families: Spiffy stays with Spike and the Pickles while Pepper stays with Fifi an the Finsters.

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