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Baby Looney Tunes' Egg-traordinary Adventure is an Easter-themed direct-to-video film based on the animated series Baby Looney Tunes.


Bugs, Daffy, Taz, Lola, Tweety and Sylvester celebrate Easter with a party and decide to enter a meadow to find the Easter bunny.


Tweety goes out to play on the playground with Lola and Sylvester, only to find out that Daffy has dug up all the sand in the sandbox to play King of the Mountain. They then turn to Bugs for help and he digs the sand mountain down. Afterwards, Granny reads them a story about Easter and the Easter Bunny. Taz is excited about this, but Granny tells him it's not until one more day, upsetting him. Daffy doesn't believe in any of this stuff and tries to convince everyone that there is no Easter Bunny. Later on, Lola and Tweety throw an Easter party for Taz and invite Bugs. However, Daffy tries to convince Bugs that there's still no Easter Bunny and Bugs, ordered by him to grow up and forget it all, tears the decorations down, upsetting Lola and Tweety. During nap time, Tweety and Lola suggest to Sylvester that they should take Taz to the forest where the Easter Bunny lives by looking at the pages in Granny's storybook. However, Daffy is shocked to find them gone and he and Bugs go into the forest, too to find them. Bugs, wearing a raincoat and rain boots, pretending to be the Easter Bunny, and Daffy, covered in yellow paint and a leaf around his body, to look like a duckling, paint rocks to look like Easter eggs. Taz falls in the river and is rescued by them. However, the "eggs" turned out to be rocks, and the yellow paint washes off Daffy in the river. Everyone finally realizes that there is no Easter Bunny, but by the next morning, they wake up to find real Easter eggs, delighting Taz, and Sylvester is given a chocolate chicken, which meant the Easter Bunny did come, and it turns out to be a happy Easter after all.