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'Twas the Night Before Easter is the second Easter episode of VeggieTales.


Bob and Larry are hunting for Easter eggs, but Bob isn't really good at finding them. His friend ultimately finds all of them, including a giant golden egg. He's very curious to know what's inside, hoping it's a creme-filled bunny. The two get a video email from Timmy Tucker, who asks them if they'll have a show with eggs, candy, and bunnies, which gets Larry and him very excited. Bob then tells them that Easter is not always about that kind of stuff, and it can makes us forget sometimes the true meaning of the holiday, which leads to the episode's story. The story starts on a young reporter named Marlee Meade who does daily reports in her home town, Crisper County. However, she feels unsatisfied that she's not doing anything big that would help people make a difference. Marlee wishes she could do something related to theater, and her partner/friend Louis states there's something interesting down the street. An old theater owned by Prescott E. Huddlecoat is planning to be torn down since it's out of business for 15 years and plans to make it as a playground for the homeless shelter next to it. Marlee wants to keep it open since she has a show idea for Easter: a musical called "Up with Bunnies", which would make everyone feel happy about the upcoming holiday.

Unfortunately, the rehearsals aren't as good and they need a lead singer. Prescott gets a phone call from his brother Winston, a judge from "America's Got British Judges" that season 3 winner Cassie Cassava is heading back to Crisper County so she can attend her church service there.


  • VeggieTales Theme Song
  • The Audition Song
  • Lost Puppies
  • Don't Cry for Me Easter Bunny
  • The Latest Dance Craze with Jean-Claude and Phillipe: The Hopperena
  • When I Think Of Easter
  • Up With Bunnies
  • What Have We Learned